Multicultural School Community

Welcome, Failte, Laipni, Aicinatas, Sveiki Atvyke, Vytajte, Boa Vinda, Mabuhay, Binevenit………..

Holy Family Primary School embraces children from all around the world. We live in a developing multi cultural society and this is reflected in the range of cultures represented in the body of children in our school.

Not only do we cater for our national children, we cater for children from Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Brazil, Philippines, Romanian and Thailand.

There is a very strong support network in the school to assist children who speak English as an additional language [EAL]. Our teachers are now experienced at helping these children with their language development.

The school provides support for EAL children through NEELB Support Officers. Added to this, the school also provides interpreter and translation services for the parents and families of foreign children. There is a growing population of EAL children in the community of Magherafelt, and as is stated in our school aims we are striving to: develop a sense of citizenship and a respect for other cultures, reflecting commitment to a Christian way of life.’

Our Cultural Diversity celebrations 2012 were a tremendous success as can be seen below.



Boa Vinda







Sveiki Atvyke