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As we strive to improve the quality of provision at Holy Family PS, we have developed our School Council. From September 2014 the Council comprises a group of children from a range of classes as follows: 3 children from each P7 class, 1 child from each P6 class and 1 child from each P5 class. This is to give a voice to a greater range of children throughout Key Stage 2.

In order to be elected they will have to develop manifestos and go through the rigours of elections by their peers. They meet with the designated School Council teacher, Mrs Henry and discuss a wide range of issues which are aimed at making the school a better place for everyone. These children act as ambassadors at all civic occasions within the school and offer help and support to younger children across all the year groups.

Fulfilling the role of Council member helps develop character within the individuals. It requires thinking, patience, tolerance and a greater understanding of the need to be mindful of the feelings of others. In short it develops a range of qualities for adult life.

Election of School Council 2015/16  will take place shortly.

Mrs Colette Cleary, chairperson of the Board of Governors, is always on hand to present the new school council with their council badges and congratulate them.

Some thoughts from past councillors..

"Everybody in P.7 was so nervous, wanting to know if they were elected onto the School Council. I was one of the lucky 12 that were voted into the School Council by my classmates.  I was so excited when my name was called out. I felt very important when I got my shiny badge. The thing that I can’t wait for is to face the challenges that come my way.."

Rachael Tohill

"When my name was called out I was so surprised. I didn’t expect it at all. I was so happy for Rachel, Oisin and Conor and all the other people who were picked. I am very grateful for being picked and thanks to everyone who voted for me!! We are going to have meetings every   Tuesday fortnight but they have not started yet. Mrs Henry is in charge of the School Council."

Alice Coll

"One word to describe it all… AMAZING! I was so shocked that my fellow class mates had voted ME into the School Council! It meant a lot to me personally because my granddad was a part of the Strabane District Council and my uncle is now Chairperson! I will look forward to the challenges that await me! I am also looking forward to the chance to express my own opinion! ."

Oisin Quinn

"When my name was called out I was so excited and had butterflies in my tummy. I am very happy that the other class pupils voted for me. It means so much to me because my brother was on the School Council last year. I hope to make many changes to this school and hopefully make it a better and happier place. I will wear my badge with pride."

Conor Mc Keefry


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